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Trackit h1b discussion forum

The last couple of Visa Bulletins released by USCIS saw several ups and downs for most of the visa categories, in both the family and employment sections. However, this always came with the disclaimer from USCIS that most, if not all retrogressed categories would bounce back to initial cut-off dates seen around July and August. In other primary categories, the ones most affected was China and India with an EB-2 and EB-1 retrogression of two years to January 1, respectively.

The following cut off dates for issuance of an immigrant visa to Indian applicants will be operational according to the October visa bulletin —. Given that, these have progressed more than the Final Action Dates, it is something to look forward to when filing for adjustment of status. As predictions go, India and China are expecting little change overall. While India sees minimal to no movement in all employment categories, China EB-2 China might move up by two months.

Can H1B, H4 EAD Get Unemployment Benefits? Unpaid Leave, Furlough in coronavirus?

All other countries will either remain current or have an upward push by three months. This is just an estimated projection based on visa availability until January after which the numbers are expected to fluctuate again. Posted on September 18, Share on:.While a day processing time frame was set by Congress in earlyit amounts to nearly five to eight months, as it stands today.

The change was noticed at the end of March when the adjudication went from a couple of weeks to more than a few months. Initially, the spouse of a primary H1-B beneficiary could apply for the H4 dependent visa simultaneously with the primary visa.

And if that has been done under premium processing, the results would be known within 15 business days. Once this was completed, the H4 dependent could explore work options with an employment authorization document and get it approved in a timely manner.

They process these applications under regular processing channels thereby delaying the simultaneous approvals granted to a single family.

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Since an EAD is approved only after the approval of the H-4 petition itself and this in turn, is counting on the H1 primary petition being approved in the first place. The new system in place today has added an unforeseeable amount of wait time. This also in turn affects employers and their revenues for they stand losing highly skilled workers under specialty occupations.

Processing times for the H-4 EAD are currently approximately 5 months to a year. Are you stuck in the H4 EAD processing backlog?

Here are ways to expedite the process. Join a discussion about anticipated wait-times.

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Share on:.H1B regular application processing time is 3 months to 1 year for approvals. H1B premium processing is getting approval within 1 to 15 days of filing. How long does H1B transfer take? The best-case H1B approval data is updated daily using the official USCIS processing times and data shared by real H1B applicants in various forums and trackers online.

USCIS will refund the premium fees if they cannot process it in 15 calendar days including weekends. Regular H1B application takes more than 3 months to get approval. The possibility of H1B approval is the same in regular vs premium application.

If your employer is scaring you by saying that upgrading pending H1B to premium will result in denial or RFE, they are just trying to save money. This is a rumor and there is no need to believe it. Make sure that your employer files the proofs to support your employment as H1b Specialty occupation is the number one reason for H1B RFE and then denial.

If you have filed H1B in regular processing, we suggest to upgrade to premium processing so that you can get approval before October and can start working on Oct 1. Only your employer can raise the service request for the H1B application. It is possible that your case is taking longer than other similar cases and may be stuck in administrative processing.

If you lose your H1B job or have left it by choice, you have 60 days grace to find another H1B sponsor. You can start working immediately based on receipt on or before the 60th day. This will help you get a result before your day limit and avoid stopping work. Hi Anil, My employer applied for my first time H1-b visa last year. In November they sent RFE and my employer said they have replied to it and they have done through premium processing on January 6th, Can you please share your experience of what is happening?

If they have put in premium processing it should come up in 15 days correct? Most probably, your employer has not filed for premium upgrade at all. We have not heard of any case where premium stays pending for more than 15 days. You should be able to get result soon. Can u please let me know when can we get the approval for an Amendment raised at Vermont center. My H1 Extension is due in next 6 months. Please read. Thanks Anil. Date mentioned for extension service date as Dec My case needs to be still reviewed right?

Converted to Premium on 27th March 3.

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Thanks for sharing the update. It has been answered there as well. Yet to receive I by mail. I am in India, I would like to know what my options are — How soon can I get a consulate appointment. Will consulate approve visa for such short duration. If yes, what will be the extension process in this case? Your question about H1B short duration approval and getting visa stamp has been added to our forum and answered there.

Now the Vermont Center shows they are processing petitions with receipt date of Aug 26, Does that mean they might have processed my case or I should wait 60 to 90 days to hear back anything on the case? Its been 12 days I have not heard any update.Client Portal. Forums Trending Search forums. Log in Register. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Search Advanced…. Forums New posts Search Forums. Members Registered members Current visitors Recent Activity. Free Assessment. Thread starter rj16 Start date Mar 28, CanadaVisa is here for you.

Learn more. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Vancouver NOC Code Hello folks, I am looking to start this topic for people in similar situation.

I would like to discuss the things relevant to us. For example, Is it worth to move to Canada? What are the pros and cons? What is your current situation PR application-wise? Do you have any questions or concerns that you want to discuss?There are currently users online. Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me.

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H-1B Holders in the U. Individuals on H-1B visa or otherwise working or studying in the United States may be eligible for fast-track immigration to Canada or be able to work in Canada on a work permit. CanadaVisa is here for you. Learn more. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Filters Show only: Loading….

Prascvu Jan 9, 8 9 10 Replies Views 9K. Today at AM ryeCatcher. Commuters or Canadians can they claim Employment insurance from US? Replies 5 Views Tuesday at PM canuck Replies 6 Views Commuter h1 stamping in Toronto. Replies 34 Views Tuesday at PM harirajmohan.Hi all! In talks with my school advisor he says there is no way I can apply while being overseas. Does anyone have any advice of what I can do? How long did your OPT processing take? However, my DSO is saying there is nothing due on the portal.

I don't want my s Hello all, I came for my visa stamping in India and got stuck here as there are no flights because of current scenario. It's been more than a month here now.

My employer doesn't have any problem with it as the work is also stopped I am in construction industry and client has stopped the construction because of Covid But can anyone tell me if there is any effect on my visa status because of the number of days spent outside US?

Hello to all the great minds! I need some insights regarding job prospects after MS in Business Analytics with less than 2 years of experience. Staysafe practicesocialdistancing. Hi guys, i'm new in the group. My name is Francesco and I'm an Italian boy. Can anyone explain to me how the university works for you? Can anybody guide me with colleges offering these programs? What is the best way to get enrolled in school and still be in status.

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